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读音:英[mə'tʃʊə(r)],美[mə'tʃʊr]释义:adj. 成熟的;充分考虑的;到期的;成年人的vi. 成熟;到期vt. 使…成熟;使…长成;慎重作出例句:He has matured after all he has been through.在经历了这么多之后,他已经变成熟了。

变形:过去式matured,过去分词matured,现在分词maturing,第三人称单数matures,比较级maturer,级maturestmature的近义词ripe读音:英 [raɪp],美 [raɪp]释义:adj. 成熟的;熟的例句:The branches were weighed down with ripe apples.苹果成熟了把树枝都压弯了。

变形:副词ripely,比较级riper,级ripest,名词ripeness短语:ripe wine 酿好的酒ripe for … 时机成熟的ripe for development 适合开发的ripe cheese 成熟的干酪。


mature 英[məˈtʃʊə(r)]美[məˈtʃʊr]adj. (人、树木、鸟或动物) 成熟的; 仔细考虑过的; 到期(应该支付)的; 成年人的;vi. 成熟,长成; (票据等) 到期;vt. 使…成熟; 使…长成; 慎重拟定; (计划等)[例句]It is his most mature comedy yet.这是他迄今成熟的喜剧作品。

[其他] 比较级:maturer 级:maturest 第三人称单数:matures 现在分词:maturing 过去式:matured 过去分词:matured 形近词: rature nature。




mature的例句是用作形容词(adj.)This is the most mature of his plays.这是他成熟的一部剧作。



一、详尽释义点此查看mature的详细内容adj.(形容词)成熟的,成年人的,成年的,发育完全的,稳重的,慎重的,贤明的(已)到期的酿熟的,酿成的,熟的,圆熟的,发酵成熟的应支付的【地】壮年的仔细考虑过的,周到的不再年轻的v.(动词)成熟,变成熟,使成熟,(使)长成,发展成熟,(使)成长起来慎重作出,慎重拟定,周密考虑,慎密设计,(充分)制定,酝酿使完善熟,到期,使熟,发酵成熟完成,形成,酿成,制成有判断力(使)充分发展到期(应付款)二、词典解释1.长大(成人);发育成熟When a child or young animalmatures, it becomes an You will learn what to expect as your child matures physically...在孩子身体发育成熟时,你知道会发生什么事了。

The eggs hatched and the chicks matured.小鸡破壳而出。

2.成熟;完善When somethingmatures, it reaches a state of complete When the trees matured they were cut in certain areas...在有些地方,树木长成后会被砍掉。

Their songwriting has matured.他们的歌曲创作水平已经成熟。

3.(在性格、感情等方面)趋于成熟If someonematures, they become more fully developed in their personality and emotional Hopefully after three years at university I will have matured...希望3年大学生活之后我能变成熟。

I thought you had matured enough not to be giggly and silly about serious art.我觉得你已经长大成人,不应该再冲着严肃的艺术作品傻笑。

4.(性格、感情等方面)成熟的;明白事理的If you describe someone a**ature, you think that they are fully developed and balanced in their personality and emotional They are emotionallymature and should behave responsibly...他们在情感上已经成熟,应该负责任地行事。

You and I aremature, freethinking **s.你我都是明白事理、思想自由的成年人。

5.(画家、作家、音乐家等的技艺、能力等)成熟的,炉火纯青的If you describe the work of an artist, writer, or musician a**ature, you mean that it is thoughtful and skilful and shows that their abilities have fully 的意思 It is his mostmature comedy yet.这是他迄今成熟的喜剧作品。

6.(使)(葡萄酒、干酪等)发酵成熟;酿成If something such as wine or cheesematures oris matured, it is left for a time to allow its full flavour or strength to Unlike wine, brandy matures only in wood, not glass.和葡萄酒不同的是,白兰地只能在木制容器而非玻璃容器里酿制。

...the cellars where the cheeses are matured.酿制奶酪的地窖7.(干酪、葡萄酒等)发酵成熟的,酿熟的Mature cheese or wine has been left for a time to allow its full flavour or strength to Grate somemature cheddar cheese.将一些已经酿熟的切达干酪磨碎。

...the best place to enjoy fine,mature wines.品尝葡萄佳酿的佳之处8.(存单、养老金计划等)到期When an investment such as a savings policy or pension planmatures, it reaches the stage when you stop paying money and the company pays you back the money you have saved, and the interest your money has 什么意思 These bonuses will be paid when your savings plan matures in ten years' time.这些红利会在10年后存款到期时支付。

...an endowment policy that matured on September 月1日到期的人寿定期保险单9.成熟的;不再年轻的;老成的(婉词)If you say that someone i**ature or ofmature years, you are saying politely that they are middle-aged or ...a man ofmature years who had been in the job for longer than most of the members could remember.一个已过中年的男子,大多数成员都不记得他干这行有多久了三、网络解释1. mature什么意思1. 成熟的:它可以让你给你的应用程序添加索引和搜索能力. Lucene是一个成熟的(mature)**的open-source **,使用Java实现,它是广泛流行的Apache Jakarta**大家庭中的其中2. 麦卓:正在火热进行中的圣迭戈动漫展(SDCC09)上,格斗系列<>(King of The Fighter)**作<>放出了3对3游戏视频,不过遗憾的是演示玩家并没有选择家用机上新增加的角色,伊丽莎白(Elizabeth)和麦卓(Mature).四、例句This is the most mature of his plays.这是他成熟的一部剧作。

She swept her hair back, so she looks more mature than before.她把头发往后梳,所以显得比以前成熟。

Your fixed account is mature and can be withdrawn any time.您的定期存款已经到期了,随时可以提取。

Young as she is, she cares for others and has a mature mind.她虽然年轻,但却很为他人着想,考虑周到。

I will let you have an answer after mature consideration.我考虑成熟后,再给你回答。

Girls mature earlier than boys.女孩比男孩成熟得早些。

He was not able to mature his plans.他未能将他的计划酝酿成熟。

The wine is left to mature in oak barrels.葡萄酒在橡木桶中陈酿。

五、常见句型用作形容词(adj.)用作定语~+ is a mature girl.她是个成熟的女孩。

This is a dress shop for mature women.这是一家成年妇女服装店。

It's a mature plan.这是个深思熟虑的计划。

用作表语S+be+~The apples are not yet mature.这些苹果还未成熟。

These persimmons do not seem mature enough .这些柿子好像没有熟透。

The new ambassador is more mature than his predecessor.新大使比他的前任更成熟一些。

He is mature politically.他政治上很成熟。

S+be+~+ prep .-phraseA human being is mature at 18 years old.人到18岁才算成年。

A monkey is mature at a few years old.猴子几岁大发育成熟了。

She is very mature for her age.她的年龄来说,她很成熟。

用作动词(v.)用作不及物动词S+~(+A)Boys mature more slowly than girls, both physically and psychologically.在生理和心理上,男孩比女孩成熟得晚些。

His character matured during these years.他的性格在这些年月里发展成熟了。

In warm climates human beings mature more rapidly than in cold climates.在气候温暖的地带,人的成熟比在寒冷地带快些。

These cows mature fast.这些母牛成熟得快。

We'll help the orphan mature.我们会帮助这个孤儿成长起来。

A new generation is fast maturing.新的一代人正在迅速成长。

Pines take a decade to mature while the polar matures rapidly.松树要10年才能长成,而白杨却长得快。

The bill matures today.这张支票今天到期。

My insurance policy matures when I reach sixty-five.我满65岁时,我的保险单到期了。

用作及物动词S+~+ n./ matured him.各种经历使他成熟起来。

These years matured his character.这几年使他的性格成熟了。

They have matured the plan.他们细心地制定出这项计划。

六、经典引文On a full and mature view and comparison of the historical matter.出自:BurkeThe interval..allowed no time for mature and careful reflection.出自:LyttonIn some cases the stigma has matured before the anthers are ripe.出自:J. LubbockOur children mature physically more rapidly than we did.出自:A. TofflerThe ancient practice of maturing wines in oak casks.出自:Country Living七、词语用法v.(动词)mature的意思是“成熟”,指有机体在生理、心理、智力等方面的逐步发展过程,强调使其生长发育成熟或使其能正常起作用。




mature的相关临近词maturity、mattress、Maturex、maturer、maturely、mature egg、mature oil、mature pod、maturement、mature age、mature bond、mature milk点此查看更多关于mature的详细信息。


mature_百度翻译mature [英]məˈtʃʊə(r) [美]məˈtʃʊr adj. (人、树木、鸟或动物)成熟的;仔细考虑过的;到期(应该支付)的;... vi. 成熟,长成;(票据等)到期 vt. 使…成熟;使…长成;慎重拟定(计划等) [例句]When markets mature they become commoditized over time.随着市场的成熟,产品也会日趋同质化。





1、So that we mature!这样我们成熟了!2、I have no any mature experience for this too.在这方面,我也丝毫没有什么成熟的经验。